Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday!

Other than the clear fact that College means less sleep, there are a few more things I hate about College.

1. When you’re walking behind a crowd of people and they all just… Stop… Why?! No! Stop stopping in front of me you imbeciles! I don’t understand why they do it, all I know is that it irritates my brain and also… the moment when I have to squeeze past them… like this morning when I fell into a Holly bush because I didn’t want to touch any of them… Awkward, my name prickled my ass…

2. Not being able to install things on the computers… I need Inkscape at college for my Media work.. which can’t be done due to the College Administrator being a colossal cunt… “I need this!” “I don’t care, use photoshop, you poor bastard.”

3. And finally, Teachers. “You are young adults! We expect you to no longer act like children!” But they still want to talk to our parents when we forget to do one piece of fucking work… -.-

And there you go!

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Thanks for reading!

Talk Soon,


Holly Gutierrez