Hello Everyone and Happy Monday! Right? No? College? School? Oh… Yeah… 😥

So, a girl posted on Facebook, “Why do people wear the same outfits constantly?”

Which annoyed me… So much! Like, nobody will understand!

And then I found this image on Facebook –


And this was my response –

Clothes 2 My Response

And honestly… This just started pissing me off! And then this came up!


Like… Seriously! Are you for fucking real?! Is Everyone On Facebook Attempting To Piss Me Off?!

I Think So! Here’s my Response –

clothes response

Like…. Really?!

So there you go! If you’re comfy in your clothes! Happy with your outfits! Repeat wear as much as you like! Let’s just leave the snobby maid bitches curl up in a corner and cry!

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Holly Gutierrez

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