Hello Everyone and Happy Friday… I hope!

It’s Friday 13th which gets me a little on edge but luckily I have survived and dodged a lot of unlucky Friday 13th moments in the past. Here’s a list –

  1. September 13th 2013 – My 10th day in Year 11, I accidentally kneed a year 7 in the face! Explanation – a rather small year 7 child was stood in front of me, I stepped forward not seeing him in the crowd and busted his nose up with my knee… He was a very small child considering I was only 5’7″ at the time (this has changed, I shrunk and I’m now 5’2″)
  2. June 13th 2014 – The day after I met Jordan, I had already fallen for his quirky charm and funny voices. I was told by one of the girls in the game group chat that I was in to “Back off of Panda, he’s going to be mine and he’s closer to my age.” I awkwardly couldn’t avoid this part too much but straight after she said this, Jordan started private messaging me and we played games alone with maybe one or two friends! And, I’ll say this, this girl was only one year older than me… -.- A year doesn’t do much considering that there is a 5 year gap between me and Jordan…. one year doesn’t do shit to getting closer… Plus… It’s not about your real age, it’s about your mental age. In mental age, due to everything that has happened, I am older than my 21 year old boyfriend by 7 years on average….Fun times! Well… That girl can now go fuck herself with one of her crayola pens!
  3. And finally, February 12th 2015, yesterday…. I spilled cola on my laptop, hit my broken finger on a door and almost accidentally deleted this blog! But I saved the day, I fixed my computer, my finger hurt but was okay and the blog isn’t dead! Hopefully, nothing too bad will happen today! After all… The last time it was almost Friday the 13th (the 13th landed on Thursday instead) my boyfriend was in a car accident due to me being an insecure idiot..

And that’s that!

So, have you had any bad moments???

Well, if you want to see my moments, created in the Bitstrip app, go to Bonkerz BunnieBoo’s Adventures

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Thanks for reading!

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Holly Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX