Hello everyone and Happy Monday!

So, today is the 2nd of February, which means two things:

  1. The magazine is released today!
  2. It’s 12 days until Valentines day!

I don’t mean to do a count down until Valentines but I can’t help it! I suggest really want it to come so I can give my boyfriend his present!


So, I thought, why not show some over the top or just super weird Valentines presents!


Why is this needed? I’m pretty certain you can hold hands while wearing gloves…. or just don’t wear anything… C’mon! If you want them… Click the image to be re-directed… >.<
I have no words to describe the insanity and mind fuck….
This is clearly Ted’s cousin due to his foul language.
Why? Oh, but why… My mind is seriously about to explode due to these clearly stupid people…


Now, after we have looked at all those stupid ideas! Let’s have a look at some good ideas!

This will suit most people who like Chocolate and teddy bears! So, most girls and some gay men depending on their type!
Once again, if your other half likes, soft, cuddly and cute things, this will be fine!
if your other half doesn’t like teddy bears and plashes but like chocolate, well, this is the way to go! Just make sure to get the nice chocolate! Not a normal and random candy bar that you found in a gas station.
And finally, if she likes chocolate but not on it’s own due to too much chocolate hurting her stomach, or his, cupcakes!


And then again, if she/he doesn’t like any of these, but likes Gaming or playing a sport, just buy something to do with that. If they like gaming, get them Left 4 Dead 2 on pc or something that you know they want and have been saving up for!


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Thanks for reading!

Talk soon,


Holly Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX

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