Hello Everyone and Happy Monday!
I had, what I like to call, one of the best weekends, ever!
I was completely scruffed up, my hair was a mess, I was wearing a baggy top, no bra, pants that are ripped to shreds and a pair of Batman shorts!
I spent over 20 hours on Skype with Jordan, not including the minutes and hours that we could only text due to wifi problems or work!
So, I can happily say, it was a great weekend!
Unfortunately, it had to end. And in all fairness, my happiness continued until this morning! I worked hard in Media only to come out, see my friend Jade and be told that apparently, I was stroppy with a certain female on Friday.
However, this is a lie. I was minding my own business, heading to my Media tap on Friday, it was 12:25, I was late by 5 minutes and this girl, who is supposed to be my friend, walked past me and said, “Holly, are you okay?” I replied, “I’m fine thanks, just late for my Media tap, gotta go, talk to you later.” And then I walk away because I was late.
This morning, I was told by Jade that this specific female “Friend” said that she had to physically stop me to ask if I was okay only for me to be “stroppy” with her…
That is not how it was, I was rushing, I was not stroppy, I am only ever stoppy with my family members who tend to piss me off, like when my dad blamed his problems with the Internet on me last night and threatened to not let me speak with my boyfriend….
So, what are friends good for?
Well, nothing really. Not “friends” anyway. Best Friends, yes! They are very useful because you can give them all the loving you would to a sibling and still talk about sex without it being ridiculously awkward! They can also help you when you’re down and make you laugh when your angry!
These people for me are Jade, Jenny and Ellis!
If you watch my channel, you’ll know Ellis from The 5 Nights At Freddy’s Garry’s Mod video and you might know Jenny from my Twitter account, she’s a great singer and she is incredibly funny!
Jade is the bae who plays Cards Against Humanity with me and Jordan!
But honestly, if you’re supposed to be a “Friend” to someone, dont lie to the mutual friends that you have, its cruel, wrong and bitchy.
Get on with each other just for your friends.
Best friends are the best, I’m lucky I have them

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Thanks for reading!
Talk Soon,
Holly Gutierrez