Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!
Somehow I wasn’t eaten alive by my media teacher!
So, I went shopping yesterday and as some of you may know, i look upon my teddy, that Jordan gave me, as my son “Lincoln”! My teddies are my babies!
So, I bought some more because I thought Lincoln looked lonely!
So, now I have a family!
And here it is!

<img title="My Teddy Family
My little teddy family ❤

Lincoln(Boy) is the Teddy bear,
Mini(Girl) and David(Boy) are the pandas and
Cas(Girl) and Lazarus(Boy) are the piggies!
And thats now our little family!
Jordan also has a bunny plushie that I gave him for his birthday that he calls BunBun so, we have 6 little babies!!! Yay! Hehe ^.^

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Thanks for reading!
Talk Soon,
Holly Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX