Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday!

Well… I hope it is a Happy Thursday for all of you… For me, not so much!

Today I get to leave and go home early due to a lack of lessons! Until then I realised that I’m not going home… Im staying in a car, with my parents until 4:30pm when I have parents evening…. Yay? No, because I know full well that my parents are going to kill my teachers with words. As you have heard from my past articles, things have gone wrong in the beginning of Film Studies and the whole of Media Studies which has then lead to my parents wanting to rip my Media teacher’s throat out… And tonight is the night…

So, why do I hate it? Well, I have to be there, in the room…. watching them argue and spew with hate… which I don’t really approve of…

Especially considering that Jordan has a day off work… which means that when I get home, he’s probably going to have been awake for quite awhile… and it makes it so that we can’t talk as much as we’d like… which is going to make me want to kill a kitten, which is a metaphor… I won’t actually kill a kitten! That’s just cruel!

So, yes, I feel dead, college is going to be the end of me… If I survive tonight, you will get an article off me tomorrow at normal time, if not… then just assume that I was eaten alive by Media Studies at College!

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Thanks for reading everyone!

Talk Soon,


Holly Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX