Hello Everyone…

I wish it was a Happy Sunday but it’s the complete opposite.

This morning, after only sleeping a few hours due to illness, I woke up to a post by “Lizzy The Lezzy” talking about a post on a news website, the article being called “ISIS Barbarians Throw Two Gay Men to Their Deaths”.

She put in response to this, “religious extremism has NO place in modern society. this is as low as it gets. disgusting.”. But honestly, I don’t honestly think I can even live on this planet anymore….

If I could live on the moon, I’d be there with every gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and pansexual around and I wouldn’t have anyone from any religion, no one who is homophobic, just people. Why? Because religion fucks people over. I woke up, to read this article and cried my eyes out, this is pure hate and it’s not the only time it has happened. In quite a few countries in Asia you can be sentenced to death for loving someone of the same sex, some people just kill those who do love the same sex because they think it’s right.

People have said that it’s not religion that makes these things happen, it’s just evil and cruel people…

But how can it be when people are calling themselves “Extremists” of their religion.

The attack on Charlie Hebdo was done by “Extremist Muslims”, this killing of two gay men was done by “jihadist barbarians”. Marches against Homosexuality in America are run by Christians and Catholics! So, please, tell me, why are these foul people making so much illness and disorder to their religion?

People kill people everyday, unfortunately, we will probably not ever be able to stop it because each generation is stuck in a loop of hate. The generation that fought in World War 2 were brought up to be Homophobic and Racist because it wasn’t “right” for mix raced couples to marry or for same sex couples to even exist!

But not all of that generation was either Homophobic or Racist because they believed in freedom which is why they fought in the war in the first place!

The generation after them, my mother and father, were also brought up to be Racist due to the immigration and the idiocy of our governments! But even then, it changed and became legal for mixed couples to marry because it is a human right that everyone should be allowed freedom, whether that’s freedom of speech or freedom of actions such as loving someone!

That generation decided to let mixed couples marry, so as another generation, we should make sure that anyone can marry any gender or race!

If you’re homophobic and you want to kill a homosexual or someone with a different sexuality from “the norm” then go ahead, you’ll be the one rotting in prison or getting killed yourself.

But do not, and I’ll repeat it for you, DO NOT put your religion on your actions because there are some people who are fine and accepting towards us who are in your religion!

People ask why I’m Pagan, the reason is that Modern Paganism is peaceful! Paganism back in the medieval times weren’t as peaceful when attacked. Now, we are one of the most peaceful religions along with Wiccans and Hindus. Why? Because you never get someone from our fucking religion killing people and then blaming their fucking religion!

If you want to blame someone for your own actions, blame yourself! The person who made these actions, who went through with these actions!

DO NOT KILL FOR A RELIGION! That is how wars start. World War 2 started because one idiot with a stupid fucking mustache decided he didn’t like Jewish people!

Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel – All countries that are fighting against themselves, Britain and America because of a religion!

Almost all Religions go against Homosexuality but are fine with mixed couples. But why? 

Christianity says Homosexuality is wrong because God made Adam and Eve. What is the difference between a male and a female but the way we have sex?

There is no male or female mind, the human body is all the same other than the fact females have breasts and different sex organs to males!

Islamism also says Homosexuality is wrong… Catholic say the same, why?

Well, why is most “Terrorists” Muslim?

Why do Christians blame all bad on an Angel?


Religion hurt more people than helps, we have learnt this from just reading the bible! The bible and other religious texts are full of stories that are only supposed to be used to teach children morals! So, why are these stories and tales being used as excuses to do bad in the world?

I’ll give you an example of two scenarios.

  1. A Christian man kills two gay men because they are abomination.
  2. A Man kills a Christian man who was raping his wife.

Now, tell me, which one is right?

Well, the Christian man did his part for cleansing the world from the evil that is Homosexuality. The man who killed the Christian rapist only did it to save his wife. So, in religion’s eyes, who killed worse? The normal man, why? Because he didn’t do it in the eyes of “God”.

But the thing is, God makes us do what we do, God makes us…According to religion… So, why is there Homosexuals? Why is there other religions? Why is the other races?

If “God” is real, then he made all of us for a purpose. Either we are a really good TV show for him to watch where ever he is, or we’re doing it all wrong!


Now, I just want you to think of this –


This is all true, although people of the first two religions have accused it of a lie…. It’s not. It has been found.

The one on the bottom, is also true. Another thing from the Satanic Bible is that it’s wrong to rape, abuse and enslave people. Not just women, but everyone!

In both Christianity, Men are above and more important than women because they came first in the beginning. It’s Adam and Eve not Eve and Adam.

But why is that?

What can men do that women can’t?

Well, in the Satanic Bible, it teaches that everyone should be an equal and that all are welcome.

Sexuality, gender, race, nationality, religion. Everyone is equal…

It says in all Holy Books that “None Believers should not have the religion forced upon them, they should be awakened by the religion by themself or by those above.”

So, why are Christians telling people that if we don’t believe in their God and their “Child of God” that we will go to a mythical/supernatural place of torture? Like in the picture below…


Well? Answer?

My point exactly. Muslims have said that they believe in Freedom of Speech… Then why do people get executed for speaking out?

Why do Christians kill people when their commandments tells them to do otherwise?

I’ll leave you thinking with the images below…. I will admit, there is more Islamic ones than Christianity… But I couldn’t find more for Christianity.

I support those who believe in these religions without being violent. If they’re peaceful and understand the wrongs, okay.

But if you hurt me and my people because of your religion, we won’t retaliate with the violence you show us. We’ll retaliate with the words that you can’t reply to without hate falling from your lips.

I don’t hate any religion, I only hate those who blame their religion for their own stupid actions.



Have a very thoughtful day.

If you are offended by anything I’ve said, I’m very sorry, but you are always welcome to leave your hate in the comment below. Or click my name at the bottom of the article and contact me.


If you agree with what I’ve said, comment below, like and share. We really need to make sure that the hate that is being shown from certain people, isn’t shown to be an example their entire religion, like I said earlier, not everyone in the religions are cruel and kill or hate those who are different to them and what their holy book says.


Thank You For Reading.


Holly Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX