Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday! One more day and you can sleep for hours! Until Monday comes back around…

So, last night Jordan was working, I’d finished all my homework and was stuck watching Jacksepticeye repeats…
And because of this boredom that had come over me, I decided to play Cards Against Humanity.
If you don’t know what Card’s against Humanity is, well, you have two stacks of cards, black cards with the questions and such, and white cards with the answers.
The clone of the game that I play is online and I may record it tonight.
When I was last playing with my friends and Jordan, a black card with “How did you lose your virginity?” was presented… And I had a blank white card… Meaning I could write my own answer to the black card.
And what I wrote made both myself and Jordan feel like crying….
I wrote, “I put my dick in a blender…”
This… Was just scary… Because I won the round!

But I wasn’t the only one to put something so disgusting…
Why? Because my boyfriend thought the white, already written, card, “Jerking Off Into A Pool Of Children’s Tears.”
If you have ever used this card, you have probably, automatically won the round.
If you haven’t played, I suggest you do!

I hope you enjoyed this article!
If you want to play Cards Against Humanity with me, comment below or click the link that I’ll post later tonight!

Thanks for reading!
Talk soon!
Holly Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX