Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday!


I hope you’re all okay, if not, you know how to contact me if you need me!


So, what’s been happening? Well, I’ve been doing some recording for Youtube, which are hopefully going to be coming out soon, if I didn’t delete them like I did to my English, Media and Film Studies coursework… And then lose my entire folder with all my written work in it… I do not appreciate it very much!

Another thing that has happened, I was called depressed, and not because of the usual accusation of the idea of me being a “Punk” or “Goth” but because I’m a Lesbian and I’m in love with men… Now, this confused me when I got this email because this isn’t true… I haven’t been suffering with depression since September… So, I don’t understand why you think I’m depressed, I’m actually quite happy which is why I can still rant as much as I can.

And then, the fact that I’m apparently “in love with men”… Just isn’t true! I don’t love men, I don’t like men, I hate men, not because of the usual reasons but because I can’t look at men and feel any attraction to them at all… Honestly, if you put a naked man in front of me, I will probably throw up.. I can’t handle it… However, yes, I am in love with A MAN. Not multiple. I’m in love with one man not the entire gender. I find him both sexually and emotionally attractive and that does not make me depressed because I love him and he is a lot better than any other partner I have ever been with, he is both caring and kind, he is loving and appreciative and he can make me laugh with a single sentence. Yes, he’s not the “gender” that I “prefer” but I love him with every ounce of my being.

Love is unexpected and can change people. I consider myself Lesbian because I only find Women attractive. I find only one man attractive and that is Jordan, if you don’t like my “messed up” situation then you can leave, unfollow and forget about the articles, but I love him and I’m never going to change that. However, to those who have been supportive about it, thank you!


Love can’t be explained, you can fall in love with anyone of any gender, it may be the gender you prefer, it may not. Love is Love, you can either take what you can get and be Happy or you can refuse your own, human emotions and leave, your choice.


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Talk Soon Everyone!


Holly Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX