Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!

I hope you’re all okay!


So, yes, it is finally Friday which for me is both good and bad…

Yesterday, during Film Studies I found myself meeting a new teacher due to my original teacher, Simon, not being in college since September. Her name is Liz and she’s nice… But she doesn’t know about me. I told David about the lack of time I have at home due to caring for my parents and then putting everything else on top and most of the time being ill myself, so he understood if a piece of homework or course work was late in. He also knew I was Dyslexic and a bit stupid…

This teacher, however, knows none of this…

I told her we knew what “Cinematography” meant, which I did, it’s the lighting, sound and editing that happens during a films production and post production. She then asked me to tell everyone what it was…. In these three seconds… The meaning, that I just said above, went out of my head and into thin air. This is what I like to call a side effect of being Dyslexic. When you’re dyslexic, if it’s to do with your spelling, you’ll be able to spell words simply but then you’ll forget the spelling of a word when you need it. During one of my GCSE exams I forgot how to spell the word “and” so I ended up not saying it in a few paragraphs until I remember half way through my English Exam…


But like I was saying, this teacher doesn’t know this… I can be dumb, withdrawn and sometime not even in the room, not mentally, anyways.


So, what I’m trying to say is, I’m basically screwed.


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Holly Gutierrez ♥ XOXOX