Hello Everyone!

I hope you had a glorious Wednesday!

Yesterday I dyed my hair Pink, if you didn’t know. And it went quite bright!

So, I thought, why not show you?

I’m sorry about my face being in the photos, but hey! I’m allergic to make-up! Which means nature is telling me to stay ugly because Make-up doesn’t help!


Me This Morning


Me 5 Minutes Ago
My Hair Colour It was this bright last time when I had the colour… I think I may just continue with this colour! I love it when it fades too! Candyfloss hair! It smells like cherries!!! ^.^

Anyways, if you have any opinions on the hair colour, comment below! I will respond and I’d like to know what you think!

I have had rainbow hair before but can’t find a good enough Green, Yellow and Purple hair dye that is bright enough so if you have any brand suggestions for those, comment below or message me on facebook, please! Need my rainbow fringe back for Gay Pride this year!



Thanks for reading! Talk soon everyone ❤

Holly Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX