Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday!

So, something happened after I posted yesterday’s article… I was sat in English and I had to work in a group with people I usually don’t talk to or work with. And one of the girls knows my friend Jenny and she asked about my boyfriend, Panda, and everything. She then asked about my sexuality and I explained that before I met Jordan, I was a Lesbian and that I still consider myself Lesbian due to the fact that he is the only male I have ever and probably will ever find attractive.

Then, another girl, who was sat in front of me, said “That’s not how it works.” And I’m sorry, I don’t know if this girl is Straight, Bisexual or Pansexual but I know she isn’t Lesbian, so how does she know that it’s not “How it works”? I have a gay friend in the same situation as me. He had never found women attractive until he met his, now, wife who he has just had two children with! So, please tell me, how it doesn’t work? Sometimes you fall for people you didn’t expect to fall for! Sometimes you fall for people who you completely expected to fall for. Love is weird and wonderful and it works in mysterious and crazy ways! Nobody knows how it works. Not me, not Jordan, not Jesse nor Miss Know it all about how being a Lesbian works.

Thank you for reading!

I’m going to go cool down, draw on peoples faces and drink some Lemonade- WATER! I mean Water! Hehe 😉

Talk soon everyone,


Holly Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX