Hello Everyone and Happy Monday!

Today, I found out how much a shit student I am.

Yes! After being a straight C and B student in High School and knowing all there is to know in Media, my teacher has marked my Mock Exam paper and gave me an E… While my target grade is a D.

Why? I don’t know… All I know is that I was only 3 marks away from my target grade and my teacher won’t remark to make sure that there isn’t anything missing.

Well, fuck. I’ve been great in Media, doing my homework, knowing what I need to know! And then when we start Coursework, my teacher then decides to tell me that all my work is PERFECT but all WRONG…

HOW DOES THAT WORK?! I write and create a magazine, as you all know! It was released today (If you want to look at it, it’s on the last post which is posted at http://livelovelaughmagazine.wordpress.com) and my coursework is to create a set of magazine covers and then create magazine content.

Due to knowing how literary magazine’s are formatted, I said I’d do that genre.

She then told me that I had to do Horror because I wasn’t doing the work right…

And then, after I’d done everything she asked, she told me that it was, once again, all wrong…

Why? Because the Gothic, Dark and Spooky picture was a little TOO dark! How can it be too dark when it had the run in both pictures!

Why was it too dark? Because her fucking print wasn’t working correctly!

And trust me, I’m not the only one she’s done it to, and effectively, she’s picking on girls, three including myself. And do you wanna know what the depressing thing is about it? All three of us aren’t exactly “Skinny” meaning we have meat on our bones and we’re not like the girls with flat or no stomachs. She, the teacher, however, is skinny. Another thing that is different with us from the other people in our class, we all have bright hair. Me, I have white or pink hair, depending on how I feel. The other two girls? One is ginger and the other has blue and green hair. It’s funny, how all three of us have meat and are brightly coloured with our hair and we get the discrimination! And honestly, if she makes me cry again, I may just leave, either the class or the college, honestly, I don’t care! I try hard, put effort into all my work and all I get is, “You’re not good enough.”

Well, it’s nice to know that everyone who said “College is better than High School” lied. Why? In High School, my teachers told me I wasn’t good enough! In College, I’ve had more death threat and I’ve been told to commit suicide more times than I’ve attempted, and I’ve attempted enough times in my life!

So, Happy Monday everyone!

Sorry for being a downer! But it is Monday!


Thanks for reading!

Talk soon everyone!


Holly Gutierrez ♥ xoxox