Hello Everyone and Happy Sunday!

Happy New Year!

So, strange! Why Is This Happening?!

Maybe because I need to tell you important things before tomorrow happens? ^.^

So, tomorrow will be the beginning of the new season of Happy Days articles! Seasons will be broken up by Summer, Easter and Christmas. You will still get articles during these periods but they will be personal notes instead of open conversation like Happy Days!

Another thing, the name of the Blog has been changed again!

From Rocket’s Rants to Rocket’s Moments to Happy Days!

Why? Because I’m not going to write under the name of Rocket anymore! “Rocky” will occasionally pop up when I write about gaming and Youtube due to that being my Youtube channel but… I will be writing under my name! Sort of!

My real name is Holly Jade Midwood, but I will be writing under Holly Gutierrez a, weirdly enough, quite a few people said that is what they thought my name actually was!

Yeah, people thought I was already married to Jordan! I wish, was the answer I gave them! Technically, I’m not old enough to get married unless I go to a different country, but if I could, I would!

So, Hello, my name is Holly Gutierrez. I’m from England, my nationality is British, unfortunately. I am part Irish, Scottish and Russian. I can read French better than I can read English due to my Dyslexia. I have had problems with suicide and self harming.

I have attempted suicide, one of my most recent attempts was on September 16th. I stopped, throw up the pills I’d taken and changed my mindset due to finding someone who gives me hope, Jordan Gutierrez.

I haven’t self harmed since September 16th and no more suicidal thoughts since.

I suffered through a lot while growing up and some of which is in this month’s issue!

Click >>>HERE<<< for the issue!


And that’s it!

I can’t thank you all enough for the support! But I can at least try and help in every way I can with any issue you have!

If you need to talk to me, email me, message me on my Facebook page, tweet me! Anything! I will always be here!

Contact Me!

Thank you!



Holly Gutierrez ♥ XOXOX