Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

It is now 2015 and we have had, the best year last year and I think it will get better with you guys this year! All we need to do is share the love more and build up our community so we can do more together!


So, what have you all done for New Years?

I made chili last night that was apparently too hot for my father to eat!

I was engaged into a conversation with two mainly, but a third also at some points, of my boyfriend’s sisters! And I have to admit, Jordan had said they were great… And it’s true! They’re fabulous!

The day before was Jordan’s birthday, he turned 21 and we played a game of 20/20 questions so we found out more information about each other! Which was fun!

And then there was today! New Year, New Me!

My New Year Promises?

  1. To remember to write my articles on time
  2. Brush my teeth more (I only brush them twice a day but they’re badly stained due to braces and it irritates me)
  3. Kiss Jordan! (Only 83 Days Until I Can!)
  4. Do my homework more, instead of leaving it until the last minute or so to do it!
  5. By more clothes so I dont constantly look like a dude… Seriously, I need more dresses!

So, I will keep you updated on those! I’m not going to try and change my body image all too much because I’ve been trying for years and I’ve lost 3 stone, I want to lose another 3 just so I know that Im not fat but not skinny! It’s weird because I wouldn’t want people to change their appearance whether they’re considered “Fat” or not… but I want to change mine! Everyone is perfect with their imperfect appearance or personality! There is someone for everyone and my someone is Jordan. I just feel like I need to lose some weight!

Now, I want you all to go along with the rest of the year being happy and eating as much as you want! I love you all, from the bottom of my heart!

I hope you have a great New Years!

Happy New Year!


Rocky ♥ xoxox