Hello Everyone and Merry Thursday!!!

It is finally the last day of college which is great and I brought my birthday cake into college too due to having a large cake that I bought myself for my birthday and knowing in advance that I’m going to be alone for my birthday due to everyone making plans without me. So, I brought it in, 7 pieces, 3 pieces for my film studies friends, 4 for my photography friends.


But before that, I saw an article on Facebook, while I was on call with a specific male business partner, the article was about Ann Coulter with a headline of

“Ann Coulter: Most women who say they were raped are just ‘girls trying to get attention’”

Which I then got quite annoyed about…. Because when I mentioned it to this specific male business partner, he then said he agreed with her…

Which irritated me even more due to the fact that I know people who have experienced it and people who have lied about it…

The people who lied about it, told people they had been raped by their ex and then got back with that ex….

Yup, because that seemed perfectly legit!

Then the people who didn’t lie about it, some, due to the dream state, couldn’t remember it until they went through counselling which unlocked their memories.


So, as you can imagine, at 5am, being told that most girls lie about rape pissed me off due to the fact that some girls don’t even tell anyone due to they didn’t want to be labelled as Broken, a lot like how some males think about it when they, themselves, are raped.


And that’s it. I can’t say anything else on the matter because I’m going to set my head up for an explosion if I do due to the stupidity hurting my mind.


Thanks for reading!

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Talk soon everyone!


Rocky ♥ xoxox