Hello everyone and Merry Tuesday!

This is, indeed, my 100th post on the blog! Which I find astonishing! It’s so strange considering that I people thought I would have given up by now, but no!

I shall try to continue as much as possible, even though I have had two breaks since June of writing Happy Days for you…

But at least I came back unlike what some people actually thought!


So, today I thought why not talk about something adorable… Or just witness something adorable… Right?!

Fluffy Animals!!!!

And finally!!!!

YES! THERE IS AN HOUR LONG CAT COMPLICATION VIDEO! I never thought this existed but Im happy it does and that I’ve found it! So beautiful!

If you don’t have time to watch this, which is perfectly understandable, but I’ll show you one funny thing at least!

This… Cyanide And Happiness!



I hope you liked this article!

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Talk Soon Everyone,


Rocky ❤ xoxox