Hello Everybody and Merry Monday!

It is officially 9 Days till Christmas!!! Which means it only 6 days till my birthday… Which just makes me feel old… I’m turning 17 and my hair is already, naturally grey…


Anyway, today is a weird topic… For the first time ever, I want to talk about relationships… Yeah, me and relationships have never really been good until now!

I’ve dated quite a few people due to being forced too… Sort of like forced marriage but without the marriage, just the courting…

So, the only people I’ve dated for myself was Lizzy, Jessie, Mel and Jordan… One guy, three girls.

And as you all know, I am now with Jordan and I am the happiest woman alive!

So, why am I talking about relationships? Well, people complain…

People have been complaining about their lives on social media and I just thought, why not tell some people why.

They’re complaining because their computer has broken which has ruined their life.

They’re complaining about homework being too hard because they didn’t listen during lesson.

They’re complaining about life being too hard because they don’t know what they’re on the planet to do.

Well. I can solve these three very quickly.

If you computer is broken, there is two ways of this being something, 1. If it’s actually broken, like the screen is in two halves… Don’t break it and you’ll be fine! If it’s running too slowly to use for anything, open your anti-virus and anti-spyware software and run a scan, it may take a day or two depending on how bad the computer is, but if you’ve let it get that bad… It’s your own fault.

If you want to be able to do your homework, remember to do your homework or know how to, listen in class, in other words, either give your phone to the teacher or put it in your bag and leave it there…

And finally, the meaning of life on earth is to find someone to love, have sex, reproduce and then die. Life has no actual meaning, we’re just like puppets to fate.


Now… Why I brought these things up is because people have talked about these problems on Social Media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, and then 5 minutes later they’re happy again due to their spouse…

Which means your life isn’t ruined, or tough, or depressing, it just means your a fucking idiot and you over exaggerate.

If they were in my shoes they probably would be either dead, dying or depressed constantly. Why? Well…

  1. I have been a carer for my disabled father since the age of 7.
  2. I have been a carer for my ill mother since the age of 10.
  3. I run an online magazine.
  4. I was abused for 8 years, not including the 2 years by one of my ex’s, who I was forced into a relationship with, then made depressed so I wouldn’t leave him.
  5. I have had 19 people die on me, I held my friend’s hand as his father turned his life support off and that was back when I was 12…
  6. I no longer have grandparents and most of my family on my father’s side either hate me due to being Pansexual, hate me for being a Punk or just hate me due to being outspoken.
  7. College is not easy when you keep getting told to commit suicide.
  8. I only survived my final suicide attempt due to my boyfriend, before he was my boyfriend, talked to me and told me I had something to live for, and I do. Him.

Even though, I have all these things resting on my shoulders… I’m still happy, why? Because of Jordan. If I can be happy because of my boyfriend, and people with partners can’t be… Then they’re either with the wrong person or really need to re-think their problems.


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Talk Soon Everyone!


Rocky ❤ xoxox