Hello everyone and Merry Friday!

So, today, sat in Film Studies, I got my exam result back…

28 marks out of 40… Which means that I got a B… So… Happy Me!


Anyways, I was talking to people yesterday and I said something by accident. While in Photography, I said, “I wish I could rape what I’ve just written…” Instead of saying “I wish I could read what I’ve just written…” So as you can imagine, I was not happy with myself… But luckily, nobody too offense.

But then, while sat in Film Studies, a teacher came into the room and started talking about the exam and then quoted someone’s work and instead of saying Mockingjay, talking about the Hunger Games with Jennifer Lawrence, he said “MockingGay”… which is definitely not the Jennifer Lawrence film… Unless she preforms as a lesbian in a pornography….


So, as you can imagine, things… shouldn’t be done and said in such ways, so I hope you’ve learnt from this… Because saying something and not correcting yourself is not the best thing when in the company of some people…. Because if someone had said rape in a sentence and not corrected themselves, it may sound like a rape joke and in all honesty… I can’t cope with things like that due to experiences, so… Warning, don’t make rape jokes, or say rape on accident without correcting because honestly… It’s not healthy!


Thanks for reading,

I hope you enjoyed!

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