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Now, I went to take photos on Sunday, as you saw the result of that on Monday, well, when I was on my way home, we, my parents and I, went through Garforth to get home and we got stuck in traffic on Garforth Main Street. There was a bus, and cars parked in the bus lane which the bus was trying to go in… Smart, right?

Well, there was a man in a white van, no he wasn’t a paedophile, not that I could have told anyways, but he was behind the bus and he beeped his horn at me telling me to move and he shouted out his window, “Move you stupid fuck.” Which we couldn’t due, due to the whole street being in gridlock due to traffic lights in front of us followed by a further 8 cars… so I put my window down and shouted, “How can we when everyone is in fucking grid lock? You’re nothing fucking special you white prick.”

Yes, this happened… I was racist to my own person… Yes… I am, myself, “white” and it amused me because I’m not racist, I have made racist JOKING comments to my friends who are a different ethnicity to me but nothing too bad that it made them angry or cry. Just little jokes, such as my Indian friend calling herself “Brown dynamite” which is due to her being an explosion of humour but when I said it in front of her parents they thought I was calling her a suicide bomber due to the colour of her skin… which wasn’t the case. Luckily my friend laughed and then said, “C’mon white witch, lets go upstairs and play Minecraft…” So, Yeah, I have had moments where I have joked with a friend of different ethnicity about our skin colour but honestly, I’ve never said anything to offend people, especially not on purpose!

But when I called this guy a white prick, the funniest thing happened. There was an Indian restaurant on the other side of the road to me, just behind the van, and one of the cooks, an Indian himself, came out of the alley where he was smoking and shouted to me, “You tell him, sweetheart! You may be white on the outside but you are clearly something else on the inside!” And he smiled, dabbed out his cigarette and went back inside… It made me laugh because I have to admit, I honestly feel ashamed to be British, people did a campaign a few years ago called “Why You Should Be Proud To Be British,” but honestly, I can’t say I am proud to be British… We’re offensively racist, we’re homophobic, judgemental and drug addicts the most of us. I feel sorry for those who fought in the war for these generations just to ruin the piece that they had finally made. The amount of people that have died due to religion and ethnicity. It’s wrong and cruel how we treat people. I honestly don’t know where I would like to be from because the whole world is mad with the amount of racism and cruelty and I hate it.

As most of you would have heard, two men were killed in America over the past month, both “black” men and were killed by “white” police officers. Both of these men were unarmed and were not a threat. But they died anyway, why? Because of their skin. And then, a “black” man kills a “white” man and his wife and it makes the news and he gets prosecuted. I understand that the “black” man committed Murder, I understand why he will and should be punished. But shouldn’t it be the same for everyone, no matter their skin colour, religion or role in society? If a police officer kills a unarmed citizen who was not causing any threat, the officer of the law should be punished by the said law in which he was hired to re-enforce. You can’t stop chaos with people who make chaos. You can’t dampen a fire by adding more wood to the flames.

Everyone should be punished, no matter their skin colour or role in society. If you wish to uphold the law correctly, take those who abuse their power out of the system.


Don’t be so hateful, just be peaceful and happy.


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