Hello everyone and Merry Wednesbury!
I hope you’re having a better day than me!
This morning I was doing some photoshop work and I thought, “I’ll need to rebuy photoshop for my new computer” so I had a look at the complete bundle, due to needing most of the applications… And I found that for a year it was $562…. I’m sorry…. But no. I can’t afford or even think to be able to afford that!
So then I looked on my favourite app called Pixlr which is like Photoshop and Indesign…. And I found that for their Pro Pixlr Membership it was only $14.99 a YEAR! So, which one do you think I’m getting?

In other news, a guy who used to bully me in High School has added me and started a Poke war with me on Facebook…. Intentions, I dont know. But I may just delete him if he doesn’t leave me alone! I’m not being tortured and beaten again… And I’m not being tormented either.

If you have been or are being tormented or/and beaten by anyone, talk to me about it!
And if you think Photoshop is too expensive, comment below! Because, honestly, I’m not paying $562 for a few apps to edit my work…. Screw that! Whose with me???

If you enjoyed, like, comment below and share to get the word around of the inflation for us photographers and the dickness of the Bullies these days!

Talk soon everyone!
Have a Merry Wednesday!

Rocky ❤ xoxox