Hey everyone and Merry Thursday!

How are you all? Good, I hope!

So, I am now sat in the only lesson of Photography that I’ll be having this week due to exams and I did it again…

I finished early…

This time, however, I didn’t finish as early as last time. I only finished 10 minutes early! And actually, I think I did well on that piece of work. The question was “Why is social media so important to both the audience and film producers in film marketing?” And actually, it was quite easy, I finished in 40 minutes, I wrote 5 pages and I think I did well!

Hopefully I will at least get a D or a C! Although, if I get a C I may just cry with happiness because my target grade is a D and my self targets are of C’s and B’s!

If I get a C in anything I will be happy!

So, I hope you’re all okay! If you have been having a hard time, I will always be here to help! If you don’t know how to contact me, go to my Contact Page!

I will be in another exam tomorrow, English, so my dyslexia will be challenged! Hopefully, I’ll do well!


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Rocky ❤ xoxox

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