Hey everyone and Happy Friday!!

It’s Black Friday and everyone has turned into Zombies due to camping out all night to try and buy as much stuff as possible… Yes, for the first time ever, Black Friday has been a big thing in England!

So, have I had anything to do with it? No, but my brother has! My brother camped out last night until midnight for Tesco to open so he could buy a 52inch television for only £249… which isn’t bad, but honestly, if I was going to spend so much money… I would have bought a Xbox One with Assassin’s Creed…


Now, it’s Friday, which is another reason to be happy! If you don’t know what To The Moon, you’ll be happy! If you know what it is… you may cry if you watch Markiplier’s videos as he is doing the playthrough!

I played the game during my exam period and I sat in a room for 7 hours playing this game and I have to admit it was the most depressing thing to play ever but it is so beautiful! At the end of the game you are guaranteed to have happy tears running down your face, even men have cried at this game! And if you haven’t played it or watched a playthrough, I recommend that you do so. I will be re-playing it and posting it on Youtube soon, if you don’t want to wait for me to re-play it, go watch Markiplier’s videos or buy the game yourself and play! Honestly, you won’t regret it! The story is beautiful and the music is magical!


I hope you all have a safe Black Friday and a Happy Friday too!


Talk Soon,


Rocky ♥ xoxox