Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a happy Monday, unlike me…

I’m still ill and honestly, I feel like my head has been ripped off and put in a trash can.


I had a friendship which ended yesterday when she said that her “Favourite Girl” was one that was a girl that had caused her more trouble than anyone. And then there’s me, who bought her a Netflix year subscription to be activated on December 26th, which I started pay for in September and finished November, and I also paid to take her to college and back three days a week and one day to go there, and then two years ago she lived in my house for a month because her family was having issues… So, what am I? I’m her servant! Exactly…


So, that happened!

Another thing, it was my grandfather’s birthday from my dad’s side of the family so we had to go to the cemetery and visit the entire family…

And Im ill and getting sicker which isn’t all that fun….



sorry about the rant being so small, I will write more tomorrow hopefully!

Talk soon everyone!

Rocky ♥ xoxox


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