Hello everyone and happy Friday!

This post is going to be shorter than usual due to myself being ill and not being able to focus… After all it just took me an hour and a half to write 100 words to finish my Film Studies Essay… -.-

So, how are you all? Good? I wish I was!


My “Friend” was ill this week and she got sent home from college but it’s okay but before she went home by the means of my mother, yes, my mother took her home, she deliberately coughed in my face, and the next day I started with a cough and now I’m vomiting and sneezing and coughing and I still have to come into college because if I didn’t my parents wouldn’t have let me talk to my boyfriend after college…


So, as you can imagine, I’m annoyed and not too happy about it!


Sorry for being a downer, but at least it’s Saturday tomorrow! Luckily!


Have a happy Friday everyone!



Rocky ❤ xoxox