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Well, the average age that reads my articles on this blog and in the magazine is 20, and its weird to think that most 20 year olds have children now…

So, why am I mentioning this? Because I hate young parents if they haven’t grown up enough.
I mean, yes you’ve grown up enough to have sex, have the child and then attempt to raise it but you might not have grown up enough to know when to punish a child or how to punish them when they’re being bad…
However, being the wise old 16 year old that I am, I’ll give you some ways.

1. If you’ve pinched your childs cheeks like those really old relatives do, they will pinch yours back, twice as hard, which means that they’re learning the action, just using it wrong. Thats not their fault, its whoever taught them the action. Should you punish them? Yes! Say No in a stern voice, and smack their hand, not too hard, just hard enough for them to understand.
2. A dinner time, if your child starts kicking the highchair, don’t take their food off them, let them have the food and give them a punishment later or take away a toy they like if they’re playing with it. Dont take their food, its classed as neglect and even though some do this, its not the best way to do so.
And finally,
3. When we get to the time of sleeping, if your child wakes up, sooth them, remember if they have a nightmare, they can’t tell you until they’re around 3 or 4 years old. Sooth them, then put them to sleep, dont shout at them and make them cry more and dont bicker and argue with your other half if the child is screaming because they’ll just scream more!

And there you have it, my opinions. I’ve seen enough young couples with young children enough to know that these work, if you want to try them, go ahead, if not, fair enough!

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Happy Thursday!


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