This photo was taken by me, Rocky Gabriel, at Pontefract Race Course, West Yorkshire. Taken with a Black and White film camera.
This photo was taken by me, Rocky Gabriel, at Pontefract Race Course, West Yorkshire.
Taken with a Black and White film camera. For My Boyfriend, Jordan Gutierrez ♥


Hello Everyone and Happy Saturday!!! WOAH!

So, I forgot to do this little update during the week and it would have ruined the schedule so I’m here and telling you now!

If you have followed me from my old blog, you’ll know that when it’s Christmas, I change my theme to this theme which is called Spirit. I do this because obviously, it has a Christmas Tree in the background and it just gives the whole blog a little bit more of a “Christmasy” feel. I won’t be going back to the old theme that we’ve been using for the best part of this year, I will be changing it and using another one after January 1st! I don’t know what sort of style we’ll have this time around but it will hopefully look appropriate for the content that I produce for you.

Now, it’s obvious I usually don’t do weekend articles due to the weekend usually being for recording and other YouTubey things. But if you want me to do more little updates to tell you what’s happening and when I’m going to be going to certain events and such, if you want me to do more things like this, I can!

Anyway, I had a thing happen last night due to medication making me emotional and paranoid and such so I ended up upsetting my boyfriend which I honestly, do not appreciate so… After my little depressed and jealous and territorial moment last night, I think I made it up to him, I don’t know… I don’t feel like I did enough for him so when my phone died and I fell asleep, when I woke up and charged my phone I found photo’s and quotes that I could relate to…

So, here are some that I found, I think they’re incredibly cute! The thumbnail of this post is one that is my own photo, I found the quote and changed it to be scientifically correct, there are only 8 planets, not 9… But the photo was taken in Pontefract Race Course while I was in my Photography class, I didn’t realize until a few days ago that the people who are in the photo are in my class and we walking in front of myself and my group, I didn’t know it was them but them being in the photo just make it look even cuter than I was trying to make it.

So, anyway, here are the photo’s that I found and sent to my boyfriend, Jordan ♥




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Thank you, once again, for joining me.

Have a Happy Saturday!



Rocky ♥ xoxox

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