Friday... Is A Good Day...
Friday… Is A Good Day…

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!

Yes, it is the beautiful day that we all love… because it means we get to stay up late and sleep all day tomorrow! Unless you have work… which is unfortunate for you!


So, what’s been happening… Well, yesterday I found out that my boyfriend, Jordan (Panda), is getting a raise! Hells yeah! Which, my parents said, means that he has more money to spend on me… Which is false, I’ve told him to save up and use his money for something important which he replied with “Save up to come see you more?” He asked, which honestly, I couldn’t say no to. I love him, if I get to see him twice a year instead of once… I’m happy!

Though, I still think he should spend his money on himself but every time I mention it he says that seeing me is spending the money on himself, which sounds weird, but I understand. If I was the one with the job and I got a raise which meant I could afford to see him more often, I’d take every chance I had


Now, to the main subject! Christmas!

Yes, it’s still apparently “early” to be talking about the season but to some, like my mother, it’s not too early at all! In fact, it’s just the correct time! So, as you all will probably know, Christmas is the time where you are allowed to have a tree in your house with decorations on it, such as flashing lights (fairy lights), tinsel and ornaments. Why do we do this? I don’t really know, all I know is that my mother has already put her Christmas trees up. Yes, we have two. Not one, like normal people, but two.

We have one that looks a lot like this white one…

Our main Christmas Tree is like this one.
Our main Christmas Tree is like this one.

And then we have this one, which is a fibre optic mini tree that is from the 1980’s…

Our mini Christmas Tree which is smaller than my 1 year old nephew in height and sits on a cabinet in our hall way.
Our mini Christmas Tree which is smaller than my 1 year old nephew in height and sits on a cabinet in our hall way.

So, apparently to my Photography teacher, Christmas tree’s aren’t supposed to be put up until December 20th…. But why? Why should we have to wait all that time, to just take the tree down again just a few days later… Why? It’s so stupid!


Another thing about Photography, I printed work off of the computer yesterday to stick in my book and my teacher asked to read my writing; so I gave him my book and he read my work and then asked, “Did you copy and paste this? It’s illegal and you can be kicked out of the college for this.”

And nobody will ever understand how annoyed I was due to everything that it in my book, including what he had accused of being written by someone else, actually all being mine! And then he tried to apologize by giving me a free strip of double sided tape… Yes, because that’s exactly what I needed…. AFTER I’D STUCK ALL MY WORK IN!!! What is wrong with people? I asked him for tape and he refused to give it to me so I borrowed some off of my friend Grace, and then after he apologizes and I no longer need the tape… He gave me tape… I hate people… Grrr…

What else happened yesterday? Well, I was in Film Studies and two lads on my table was talking about drugs like little 5 year old’s who are obsessed with a new toy… Honestly, drugs are not worth it, at all. I will admit that I went through a stage in High School where I smoked cannabis, smoked cigarettes and drunk alcohol at school. I’m not proud of it, but it happened, and I regret it quite a lot. Drugs, alcohol and smoking is not worth it for so many reasons.

  •  It costs a lot of money.
  • It can effect your mental health, as some of you know, I have been suffering with depression for 10 years, insomnia for 12 years and paranoia for 9 years and smoking cannabis and drinking, did not help, if anything it just pushed me more towards suicide and self harming.
  • And finally, It affects your schooling quite badly, luckily I stopped in time for my GCSE and A-Level’s but some of my friends hadn’t got anywhere near stopping and ended up getting E’s and lower… Which, honestly isn’t the best way to go into a college and a job placement now, is it?

Yes, boys who are obsessed with drugs irritate me, why? Because half the time they don’t know what their talking about and honestly… Drugs are not worth it, they are boring after a while and all they do is screw you up.

So, as a recap, Don’t Do Drugs, Go To School, Eat Your Vegetables and Continue Writing, Reading and Being The Best Unicornaut You Can!


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