Hello Everyone!

So, what day is it? It’s Thursday!!! Now, what has happened? Well, I was told that I need to record more with the people that I used to record with and in all honesty, I know I need to!

In all fairness I miss recording with them!

I used to record with SteeiPhoenix and our friend Bradley, and then I used to record with NippleTwister and I miss recording with them! So, hopefully, at some point, I will be able to record with them again if I’m lucky to get a free moment with them!

So, another thing, I was told yesterday that my relationship with my boyfriend isn’t real. Which, I don’t quite understand… They say we can’t be intimate due to the distance between us which is… literally the biggest idiotic comment I’ve heard since someone called me Homophobic because I didn’t like their Anti-Gay comments… I don’t understand people’s idiocy… It’s too idiotic for my mind to handle…

So, I was told that my relationship isn’t real and that I should date the guy who made this idiotic comment. Seriously, he said “It’s not a proper relationship, is it though? You can’t have sex when he lives in California and you live in England. You should break up with him so we can get together and we can bang each week.” <These words are those of a Chav in the wild.

Now, let’s analyse his statement. “It’s not a proper relationship,” okay? It is… But okay. “You should break up with him,” How can I break up with someone I’m not in a “Proper” relationship with?

And just so people know, a relationship isn’t about sex; it’s about feelings, caring and having a laugh. You need to love someone to be in a relationship, you don’t have to love someone to have sex with them. That’s like saying a rapist must constantly stalk his victim before raping them because he find needs to have feeling for them… That’s not how it is at all… Sex doesn’t have to be linked to love because it doesn’t have to be intimate; people have sex with a prostitute, that’s not intimate… It’s just sex!

Another thing, you don’t have to have physical affection while being in a relationship, emotional, and written and spoken affection is all that is truly need! If you have a relationship where you can constantly hold hands, then I’m happy for you! But you can’t say that someone’s relationship isn’t valid in your eyes when it’s not the same to you as it is to them! Some people can’t find nice people living near them so they look further away and if they find someone, then it’s up to them if they want to be with them. Near where I live I can’t find a decent guy who wants to play video games with me without constantly wanting to fuck without a relationship! So, mind me for having a crush on a cute American boy who then turned out to like me back and then was willing to have a relationship with me and is willing to visit me. Yes, it’s true! He’s coming to visit me next e=year in Easter! And it’s not a proper relationship? How do you get that?


And there is my rant… I hate stupid people… You don’t need half of that stuff to have a good relationship! All you need to be able to do is hold down a conversation for longer than 8 hours, have things in common and be able to talk about problems that you’re facing… No secrets, fun and laughing, that’s all you truly need.


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Talk Soon Everyone!


Rocky ♥ xoxox

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For those who asked for another photo of how I look...
For those who asked for another photo of how I look…