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Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday!

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So, I haven’t been writing much but I’m getting back to it! I may not have any schedule like I was planning because sometimes I don’t have time to write, sometimes I don’t have enough energy to search for things to write about if nothing interesting has happened! I will be writing about events and seasons, like yesterday which was Remembrance Day. I will do a Christmas Day feature! However, I may not get photo’s up until Boxing Day, so that’s a little warning for you! I will be recording on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve and also doing a vlog or podcast depending on how I feel! But that will be based around my birthday (22 December), Christmas, Panda’s birthday (30th December) and obviously New Years. So, a lot of things will be happening! I am hoping to stick with this if I can, if I can’t and I stop for a couple of weeks again, I am sorry but I can’t do it all the time and I know it’s annoying and I honestly get so angry at myself for not giving you beautiful people any content but if I don’t do content it’s either due to college or illness! And honestly, I can be bitter when I’m ill, which I will get Jordan (Panda) to confirm when we do the podcast/vlog, so I don’t write when I’m ill due to not wanting to sound like a complete bitch… I know I can be bitchy but I don’t want to be a complete bitch, now do I?


Now, another little insight. Yesterday I was sat in the library at college and decided why not do some work while I have a 3 hour break (3 Hour Breaks Are Not As Good As You Would Expect!). And when I started my work I got a text message from my mum saying “Call Me Please xxx” So, I did and then she babbled to me about how I got a U as a grade on an assessment due to not handing it in… Which was a lie, I hadn’t handed it in on time due to –

A – Being away from college on the hand in date, which was not my fault.

B – I’m a part time carer for my disabled father which take up a lot of my time, but to make it worse, my mother is partly disabled too and I’m not in the best of shape due to having Arthritis at the age of 16… So, I had to look after them and sort things out.

C – How am I supposed to hand work in, over email, due to not being at college, when there is no Wifi??? I know, I am magical and I shit rainbows… But I don’t have the power to produce a Wifi signal! I wish I did… Maybe I’d have friends!


So, yes. I was given a U due to not being able to do the work, but I still handed it in when I got home and got Wifi… Like, literally, I got home and sent it to the teacher over email as soon as I got out of the car… But she still hasn’t updated my report site on the internet to say I’ve done it and handed it in…. Like seriously… Give me a break! I’m on more medication that I can count, I look after two disabled people, I’m Dyslexic and my internet is so crappy that I have to write these articles on my phone… I only handed it in a week late… I could have done worse and not handed it in till next year!


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