Happy Monday Everyone!

So, I’ve been wondering how many people who read my post know –
1. Im Dyslexic
2. Do you know what Dyslexia is.

Well, lets have an insight into my life. Today I’ve been openly called stupid due to not being good at reading, bearing in mind, I have only been reading for 4 years, almost 5.
When people look at me and know I’m dyslexic, usually they look at me with either pride or disappointment, which I can handle. But lately, all I’ve been getting is looks of shame and idiocy, as if I’m the stupid one. And to make it worse I’ve been told that I’m the perfect candidate for exam access. And the Access Assessment itself is just degrading, “You’re not the brightest are you?” How am I not one of the brightest? Please, explain becauae your logic is judgemental and discriminating! If being stupid means that I can write novels, short stories, poems and articles quickly and make them good, then okay! Im one of the most stupid people ever! But if only being able to read fluently with few mistakes after 5 years of reading, then by all means, I’m the stupidest person ever!
But why would I want to be completely perfect anyway?
I’m dyslexic, which is, for those who dont know, a mental disorder that effects learning. I can write perfectly fine, and thats all I want to do; write.
The fact that I’m aspiring to be a journalist and being Dyslexic is just something I’ve been challenged with.
But I shall say this, the test for access is discrimination and degrading. And if someone is diagnosed with a leanring difficulty they should automatically get access! Without doing stupid tests that mean nothing!
After all, I may not be able to read properly but at least I know that 9+9=18 and not 28 -.-

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Talk soon Unicornauts!

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Rocky xoxox
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