Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday!

Im sorry for not uploading but a lot has been happening and changes have been made!

For example, my internet has been down for quite a while and I’ve had to do work in either a public library or just use my wifi dongle carefully while still uploading to youtube.

I went on holiday and had no internet at all. And then working at college just didn’t happen due to more homework… But I shall be trying to come back and do daily articles again for you… If I don’t start soon I may start again in January.

Also, I’ve been trying to stay up to date with uploads on youtube, which hasn’t happened due to my laptop deciding to delete all my work including college work where 2000 words was deleted and I had to re-write it in a matter of hours before the lesson… Life stopped liking me, even though life has decided to give me Jordan…

Yes, Jordan is coming to visit in Easter next year, hopefully. Why? Because he needs to start looking around with me for a job, not for me, for him. At some point, we’re hoping for him to move over to live with me. I don’t know when… But at some point.

Another thing, I may be getting a new computer at Christmas so that I can play more games that are more “Advanced” and need a better computer than a laptop to run, so if any of you have any games to suggest to me, that would be great. Comment below and Ill get back to you and I may do a play through of it. I know I am going to continue doing a series of Town Of Salem and I will be doing a series and play through of Unturned, Minecraft and 7 Days to Die. And I will be also continuing with Garry’s Mod when I can get time to record with my friends.

I hope to do more prop hunt and Murder if I can and have time to.

Thank you for reading this, I hope you understand.

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Thank you,

Have A Happy November