Hello Everyone.

So, from the title you’re probably wondering what is happening… Well, this is the first Happy Days article of this month.

Yup, this is it. This is obviously just a sort of welcome back article so I’m not going to go into much detail but I will now explain the changes that I am making.


I’m going to be setting subjects for each day of the week.

However, depending on certain events like the beginning of a month or such things like Halloween, I may just post a small article or I’ll find something a little more special.


  • Monday will start of with what I did over the weekend and a sort of recap of what happened last week. That way we don’t finish the week with a funny article when we’re already happy because it’s going to be the weekend the next day.
  • Tuesday will be maybe a Poem I found or a set of songs that I think help me work and sleep depending on the context. I may also talk about problems some people face due to college and their health.
  • Wednesday will stay the same with funny or cute video’s that I find, unless I continue to update on youtube regularly I may just post my video and be weird… That way you can see what I sound like and what I am like, personality-wise, to speak to.
  • Thursday will probably about something a little sciencey because we all need a little bit of science in our lives. After all, how do you not want to know that Polar Bears are all Left Handed?! Why wouldn’t you want to know that?! So, yeah. Thursday will be a sort of “Strange Facts” day.

–          And finally, Friday which I’ll probably use to talk about things in the news and just tell you the good or strange things because I know how it feels to watch the news and just feel depressed due to the shit the press says… I love how I want to be a Journalist and I say they’re all arseholes… But its true, I’m not going to sugar-coat it.


And finally, two last details.


For those who haven’t realised that my real name is Holly Midwood, I’m proud of you.

For those who did realise, I’m also proud but kind of creeped out because it’s now obvious that you’re a stalker (This is what I call a small joke. Please don’t eat me)

And secondly;

These article will NOT be released at 8am anymore due to not having time on an evening to write anything and schedule it. So, I will be posting around 11am or 12pm, [GMT], which means that everyone will be able to access it whether they’re 12 hours in front of us or 12 hours behind. You will most likely get to read it during this day. And if not, I am sorry but I can’t post it at 8am due to travelling and not having time when I’m at home.

So, if you have any problem, please comment below. If you want to make a suggest to what we should have on a certain day because you don’t think people would like to read it, then leave a comment or Contact Me and I will get back to you.


I hope you enjoy and I hope you all have a good day.

Happy Monday Everyone.

Don’t Be A Stranger ♥


Rocky xox


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