Hey Everyone,

So, for those who know that I’ve been on more meds than normal, my doctor has asked me to get my blood tested to see if I might be suffering long term damage from something… So, I went to the doctors to see a nurse today, while being pretty ill anyway, just to be told to go home because the Nurse didn’t know what bloods to take due to my doctor not noting it down…

What makes it worse? I have a migraine… Which I dont appreciate due to having recording tonight! And because I’m an idiot and I went back to bed this morning I didnt have as much time to talk to Panda 😥

But then again… I had a nice dream… Always a bonus!

And then there’s college. What should you not do when you’re suffering with a Migraine? Well, you shouldn’t use a computer…

I’m on the computers from 10:40 to 04:00 today… and then we have recording or streaming, depending on if I can on my twitch account or not…

So, I’m going to probably be in pain and I miss Panda and I hate being here because I now have to sit on my own on my pc for 5 hours with only 3 hours of it being lesson…. Yes. I have break for 2 hours… Why? Because college hates me… And they like giving me death breaks every day… Literally.


Break starts at 10:30 and ends at 01:00.


Break Starts at 12:10 and ends at 02:30.


Break Starts at 10:30 and ends at 02:30.


I don’t have a break… Because I leave at 12:20…


Break Starts at 12:10 and ends at 02:30…


Why Do I Have To Have Long Breaks You Stupid TimeTable! I’d rather have lessons in a row with no breaks and then end college earlier… Like if I start at 9am, and only have two lessons… Can I end at 12pm and then go home so I can have my lunch and watch Jeremy Kyle and maybe sleep more because my insomnia is being a bitch at the moment…

Please? Yes? Okay. Maybe not…


Anyway… I will be recording Town Of Salem tonight and if you want to come play with me and Panda just keep playing TOS. I will be starting at 7pm and I will have to stop at some point to get some sleep at least but I will start playing again at around 7am tomorrow morning so don’t worry!


Talk Soon,

Happy Gaming,

Happy Reading,

Be Happy For Me.



Rocky xox