Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday!!

It’s Tuesday 2nd September 2014!

So, what happens in September?

Back to school.

And going back to school, especially college, you need clothes.

So, my parents gave me some money and what did I have to buy? Trousers/Shorts/Tights/Skirts or Jeans.

And what did I buy? Two pairs of jeans, two pairs of shorts, a pair of tights and a pair of socks. What are they like? Well, one pair of jeans matches my old hair colour of black and grey. My second pair of jeans matches my current hair colour of Neon Pink. One pair of shorts are purple and the other are light blue. My tights are designed to look like ribbons are wrapped around my legs and my socks… Well…. My Socks are My Little Ponies…. Yes… My Little Ponies… If I was a guy Id have to be a Brony… My Little Ponies are so bloody cute!

So, what did my parents say towards the clothes?

Well, my dad turn to look at me while I was wearing my pink jeans and all I got from him was, “They’re brighter than your hair…” Which isn’t true… Though I do have a few pieces of hair that look more like a candyfloss pink now.

What did my mother say?

Well, she was over the moon because she thinks I’ve stopped being a punk… And I’m just like…. Nope! I just don’t have enough punk clothes so I have to wear normal clothes that I know goes with my punk clothes.


I hoped you laughed!

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