Hello Everyone and Happy September!

It’s Monday 1st September 2014 and I’m back!

So, as you know I haven’t uploaded for over a week… And for that I am sorry.

But while I’ve been away I have some things to tell you.

1. Results and if you’ve read this month’s magazine you’ll know what I’m talking about, if not… Click HERE for this month.

2. Illness, due to being the strange person that I am I have been ill a lot… Whether its physical pain, head aches or stomach aches… I’ve had them all within the space of a week… Not fun.

3. And finally, I’ve been helping a friend survive due to the death of her grandmother.


So, what else has happened… Well, I got into College! And I will say this… My picture on both my bus pass and Student ID is a picture that looks like it should be on crime watch… Honestly… They look so bad!


So, if you’ve recently got your results, gone back to school or got into University/College, why not tell me your story.

I hope you enjoyed this.

If you did comment and favourite and follow for more craziness!

If you loved it why not share it with a friend or a family member or a stranger on your bus to work or school?

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Don’t Be A Stranger!


Rocky xox

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