Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday!!
It’s Thursday 21st August 2014!
Which means quite a lot of you Brits, along with myself, will be going into school and recieving your GCSE Results.
So, what do you have planned after that?
Well, for me, I’m going to the Doctors to have a needle shoved in me before then dying my hair pink… Its strange because I hate the colour pink but I want pink hair… This is why I’m confident that I’ve failed my exams because my logic is bloody flawed quite badly!
So, from what I’ve heard I’m not the only one who wants a treat after your results finding. And in all fairness, I guess I get a treat whether I fail or pass because my goal for my treat is:
Fail – Buy As Much Ice Cream £20 Will Get Me.
Pass – Buy Minecraft Again.
Which one I’m getting, I dont know, but in all fairness I really want Minecraft. The only reason I’d be getting ice cream is to drown my depression of failure in it!
But I want the Minecraft result! So, I’m going to hope!

Anyways, I wish you all Good Luck for your exams results today!
Remember to tell me about them at: or call me at OutSpokenRocket on Skype!

I hope you smiled!
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Rocky xox
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