Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday!!
Its Wednesday 20th August 2014.
How are you? Good? Bad? Tell Me!

So, if you’ve just done your GCSE’s you’re probably just as nervous as me today because tomorrow is when we get our results!
So, why is your article late, Miss Gabriel?
Well, its because Pain wants to be my friend… I dont approve but its true!
My legs gave way last night after walking several miles each day for the past 4 weeks… Im fine with walking but they make me walk slowly so people can catch up and then a 15 minute journey turns into a 4 hour journey…
So, I’m not going to NCS today because they’re walking around Leeds and giving leaflets out! So, theres no point of me going in. I have arthritis for god sake! Painful! Especially after walking for 4 hours on Monday getting Paint while the others in the group was watching Youtube videos…. “We’ve done so much work.” is it just me that can smell the Bullshit?

Anyways, I wish you all Good Luck for your exams.

I hope you smiled!
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Rocky xox
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