Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday!!
Its Tuesday 19th August 2014 and there were no good events other than deaths by war on this date so…. Lets change it!
So, yesterday’s article was pretty crappy and for that I apologise! I got distracted and ended up being more depressed than usual because I had a break down.
But, that was in the past! Now, on my Ncs course we are doing the final week!
Yesterday we bought paint…. That took us 2 hours to walk to because apparently my GPS hates me.
And on the way back we had to walk up the steep hill that we’d gone down…. -.- Why I volunteered to do the paints… I dont know!
However, I got paints for the bench that we’ll be decorating!
The bench is going to be white with Green and Pink hand prints on it with the title Ncs and CashForKids written on the top in black.

So, now my body is killing me and I have to work a fun day on Saturday! So, if any of you are in Leeds, why not head on down? The details will be in Happy Friday this week!

Anyway, I hope you smiled!
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Rocky xox
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