Hello Everyone and Sorry For The Late Happy Monday!!

It’s Monday 18th August and I’ve been crying….

Yeah, people hurt me and I didn’t stop crying until last night at like…. 12am…. Midnight…

So I couldn’t get the article done! So, I’m sorry! Like, really sorry! And I know this is rushed and its not really a thing but, ya know! I try my best!


So, today I met someone who is quite nice on a game called ShellShock Live 2 and its on Kongregate.

It’s a good place to play games with friends and ShellShock is fun!!

If you want to play with me, add me, OSRocket

and message me!

ShellShock is free and is great fun!


So, if you wanna play, go to ShellShock Live 2 Kongregate!


Anyway, if you laughed at my misery comment and favourite and follow for more craziness!

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Rocky xox

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