Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!!
Its Friday 15th August 2014!
How are you? Good? Bad? Tell me!
So, because I wasnt there for Friday last week. I’m going to tell you what we’ve done this week.

I organised music and food.
Music, Jason Walsh of Kill The Silence.
Food, we’re having a barbecue! Which is burgers, sausages and a lot of Quorn!
The perfect foods.

I designed the Leaflet to hand out on the Bag Packing Fundraiser on Wednesday.

I killed my legs by standing up for 7 hours doing the bag packing fundraiser. We raised £470.

Final day of planning. I designed a Poster to go with the leaflets.
And that was it.
This week in a nutshell.

Anyway, I hope you smiled!
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Rocky xox
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