Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday!!
Its Thursday 14th August 2014!!
How are you all? Good? Bad? Tell Me!
So due to being ill last week I went home on Thursday night! However, I did all the activities that I could.
On Thursday we did yoga and meditation. And then a campaign called Young Minds came in to see us… Which effected me quite a lot… Because they said that all self harmers are attention seekers… But I’m not I self harm to hide my emotional pain…

So, then I went home. I packed up my clothes and bed. Carried my bags up to the centre from the campsite.
And then I waited to be picked up for three hours because traffic was bad… Literally 3 hours. My parents set off at two but didnt get to the centre till around 5:30!

And that was my Thursday last week.

Anyway, I hope you smiled!
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Rocky xox
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