Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday!
It’s Wednesday 13th August 2014!
How are you all? Good? Bad? Tell Me!

So, what happened on Wednesday last week on Ncs?
Well, we went to Leeds City Museum to see dinosaur poop. And then we had a meeting abouy pointing out the flaws in our local areas.
What were mine?
Well… These were the key points –
– Drugs
– Crime
– Random Deaths
– No Youth Club
– No Health Centre
– Few Shops
– High Teen Pregnancy
– Violence

And there we have it. The worlds smallest village in a nutshell.
Obviously we arent the official smallest… That was just a joke…. But for a very small village… We have a lot of problems. The village has a diameter of half a mile! Thats it…. But it is in a rectangle village because the width is half a mile but the length is about a mile… So… Yeah, it takes me ten minutes to go from one end of my village to another!
We’re a small village!

Anyway, so everyone was shocked so they started thinking about building something here to improve it for kids…
Which luckily change quickly into doing it in Morley instead!

Anyway, I hope you smiled!
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