Happy Friday


Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!!

It’s Friday 8th August 2014!

How are you?

Good? Bad? Tell Me!


Now, Day 5!

Main things?

1. Leaving,

2. Coffee,

3. Windermere.


1. So, when we’d packed and had lunch we started our way back home where on the way I saw a pile of motorbikes in the middle of a road underneath the motorway, there was one person stood in the middle of the pile of bikes and one guy stood at the side on a bike shaking his head and a lot of people laid on the floor…

I guess this is what happens when you slip when its raining….


2. Coffee. During the week I wasn’t allowed Coffee or anything with Caffeine in… Nobody but the leaders were allowed…. So, as soon as I got off the bus I went to Starbucks and got an Ice Caramel Coffee. My life was complete.


3. Finally when I got home I messaged a friend of mine who had been in England! at the time… And he told me he was at a Café in Windermere on Thursday 31st July….

Which meant that he was approximately 20 minutes away from me if I had walked to go meet him……

And then on Friday he went back to London to fly home….

So Close Yet So Far!


I hope you smiled!

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Rocky xox

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