Happy Thursday


Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday!!

It’s Thursday 7th August 2014!!

How are you?

Good? Bad? Tell Me!


So, Day 4 of NCS.

Out of all of the days… I’ll admit, this one was my favourite!

Three things,

1. Rock-Climbing,

2. Raft Building,

3. Canoeing.


First, Rock-Climbing.

I got two metres off the ground and then my bad leg died on me…. it went numb… and made me cry… so I had to abort my mission and get down…

Second, Raft Building!

This was something I could do! I’m good at knots which helped build it!

However, I didn’t test it! I let that to those who actually liked swimming in their shoes! Open-mouthed smile

And finally, Canoeing!

Canoeing wasn’t bad, other than a lad called Luke splashing me in the face with his paddle…. Which made my desire to kill him even stronger…. It wasn’t too bad!

And then once again, getting out of the canoe, with the other group present… I fell and face planted the floor, in front of the guy I like….

I should just give up haha Open-mouthed smile


I hope you laughed at my miss-fortune,

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Rocky xox

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