Happy Tuesday

Hello Everyone and Happy Tuesday!!

It’s Tuesday 5th August 2014!

How are you?

Good? Bad? TELL ME! Just kidding

Anyway, Day 2 of NCS tell tale!

Well, day two was three main things,

1. Archery,

2. Abseiling,

3. Shooting,


First, Archery.

It wasn’t bad actually other than the fact that I had done archery before… But when it came to the last go before we went for a break we had to compete for our cutlery. Yes, we had to win out Knives, Forks and Spoons for our evening meals….



Black – Knife

Blue – Fork

Red – Spoon


And then Em, the instructor, wrote the initials of the cutlery on my hand…

I got SSK….

Two Spoons and a Knife…

Apparently I was just too good to get a Fork…



Other than people getting injured and myself getting annoyed when the instructor, Nick,  kept telling me to pull my harness up higher over my stomach… Which I couldn’t do due to my weight….

He really annoyed me on several occasions.


And finally, Shooting.

Unfortunately it wasn’t real shooting… it was a shot gun that had been re-modelled into a battery operated laser shot gun….

I wanted a real one!!!!

So, in other words…. Shooting was pointless unless you could estimate the angle of the disc’s fly which is something you learn in maths… In other words… Only myself and two others did maths successfully at school!


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