Happy Monday


Hello Everyone and Happy Monday!

It’s Monday 4th August 2014!

Live, Love, Laugh Magazine came out today! Yay!

How are you all?

Good I hope!

So, while you’re reading this its hopefully Monday Morning…. Or some point on a Monday!

And while I write this and the rest of this weeks articles… Its Sunday night for me…

This is just one of the problems that I have when I go away for the week days and I cant take my laptop Crying face

Anyway, I’m going to be writing about last week!

So, Monday 28th July 2014. I got to the TRAIN station to go on my NCS course only to get on a BUS…

Why we didn’t get picked up from the BUS station… I don’t know… It just didn’t happen.

Once the 2 and a half hours of travel torture was over we were taken to the camp where we were shown where our TENTS were…

I wasn’t told that I would be sleeping in a tent on the first week… They only told me second week… The whole thing was confusing but you get used to it!

We then did team building exercises where I wanted to rip the dick off one of the boys in my group… if he has a dick anyway….

And then when it came to feeding time I ate and was sick afterwards…. Being bulimic isn’t great….

And then I was questioned by people of why I was sick after eating…. So I had to say I had food poisoning from the week before….

Luckily they believed me and just left me alone!

And then it started raining while I was asleep in the tent and I realised that there was a hole in the tent…. just next to where I was sleeping… which resulted in my being drenched…

Camping is okay but if you don’t look at the tent and mention faults in it before its too late… you end up like me…. in a puddle…


Hope you laughed!

If you did!

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