Happy August

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!

However, today isn’t just Friday!

No! It’s something more important than that!

It’s the first day of August!

Which,  I don’t know for you guys, is important to me!

Why? Because August 3rd is when Leeds, my home city, host the annual gay pride parade! Through out the city people will be showing their support and just being… Well… themselves. They’ll be able to act like they should be allowed without being judged.

This year I’m going and in preparation I made several things to go with to show my support. Why? Because I’m bisexual. And if they get rid of the law for Gay Marriage to be legal that won’t just effect Gay men or Lesbian women… It would effect me too if I fell in love with a woman instead of a man, I wouldn’t be able to be with her like other couples could be. So, I show my support! And this year, while going to the parade, I am decorating myself.

I make loom bands for charity and last week I bought some more for myself and I decided to make a necklace and bracelet for myself for gay pride. They’re both rainbow and look really nice, and when I showed them to people… Well, lets just say I got a few extra orders for them… So many extra orders that I used over 5000 red loom bands… That’s a lot of looms!

So, if you don’t know how to make loom bands, Contact Me! And I may go on Skype call and show you!

Why not right?

Plus, I also know how to make a really cute looking Panda which I now have on my phone, its complicated but is easy when you are being taught slowly, its not too bad!


Anyway, Happy August. Have a Great Weekend and I’ll See You, Bright and Early, at 8AM Monday Morning.

I hope you enjoyed and smiled!

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Rocky xxx

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