Happy Wednesday


Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday!!

Today is Wednesday 30th July 2014!

So, what do we do on Wednesday’s?!

Well, I find funny and amusingly random videos, for you!

So, take a seat, whether its a bus seat, train seat, a seat at a lunch table or in your living room after work…

I don’t know! Whenever you want to watch the videos I guess!

Now, what do I have for you this week? I hear you ask.

Well, you all have probably heard of The Glee Project, if not well… You’re sort of lucky because I didn’t really like it… It’s just another over-rated talent show… That’s just my opinion though.

So, this is Paint, his real name is Jon Cozart and he writes songs and does parody’s! He’s honestly great and these videos… Just make me laugh.

Here they are,



Hope you enjoyed!

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Rocky xxx

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